Калина Атанасова (Бъдъмба)

Аbout me

Ms Kalina Atanasova is a professional Bulgarian artist specializing in graphic design and illustration. She has a Masters degree in Graphics and additional training in illustration from the University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Ms Atanasova has participated with her works in a number of exhibitions both in her home country and abroad, and has illustrated several children’s and science fiction books. She is also a member of the Zemlemoria Sci Fi Club and the Chigot Association for Historical Re-enactments.

Ms Atanasova’s current interests include illustration and applied art – graphic design, outdoor and business advertising, medieval costumes with hand-made embroidery, and needle work. She uses a variety of techniques, styles and themes in her work and is very skilled in using a tablet to digitalize her art. In addition, she is involved in producing re-enactments of historical battles by making chain mails and costumes from images in churches and historical books.

For more information or business inquiries contact Ms Atanasova on odjakova@yahoo.com


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  1. weasell said,

    Нещата, които правиш, са оригинални и много интересни! Браво :)

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